Тема: AHK: PC Installation

A PC technician must take care of all the computers and laptops that run on a company network. The professional will first test the operating system along with any application software that the user needs. They should even look into installing servers, networking components and linking of other peripheral equipment.

Whenever a new software upgrade comes, it is the job of these professionals to update the company systems. They should make sure that all the computers are working on the same software. The upgrade must be done as quickly as possible to avoid any further issues in the work management. They should also cater to individual needs of the employees who are facing some trouble with the hard drive capacity or any other technical issue.

The professionals should be able to resolve any hardware or software problem. Usage of diagnostic tools to recognize the issue is the best way to find a solution. They must also help the employees to recover lost date, diagnose software issues and reinstalling programs.

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