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Тема: Why is electric skateboarding getting so popular ?

Electric skateboards are now one of the most popular means of transportation, especially in Western countries. Why it goes viral so quickly, and here are the reasons that I found out. During my research, I found a website with very useful information about electric skateboards. This website is called eSkateBuddy, if you have time, visit it!

Reason 1: E-skateboard is extremely fun

Whenever I ride my motorized board, I feel like being a five-year-old kid again and riding on my magic toy scooter and I also feel like I was flying. You can go shopping or go for lunch with friends on your board. In addition, electric skateboarding in groups is also a great way for you to have fun.

Reason 2: e-skateboarding is friendly to the environment

The environment is currently a global hot issue. Many countries are looking for ways to reduce the factors affecting the environment. And reducing emissions is one of the solutions adopted by governments. The electric skateboard is powered by a motor, so it doesn't emit any emissions. If more and more people switch to this type of personal transportation, emissions will be greatly reduced giving us fresh air to breathe.


Reason 3: It is a form of exercise

Many people think that electric skateboarding is not helpful for weight loss or exercise. In fact, when you're completely focused on controlling your skateboard to avoid other vehicles and objects, your brain must work hard. And this helps burn calories. Besides, you also use strength to balance on the board, and it also burns energy. If you feel your leg sore after a day of riding, then electric skateboarding does have an effect on your body.

Reason 4: electric skateboarding makes you smarter

Any activity that makes your brain think will make you smarter. Obviously, when you go to work on an electric skateboard, you have to remember which route you can take and which ones you should avoid. This means you will have to flex your brain to improve memory, perception, and motor and thinking skills. You will notice your reflexes are much improved not only in riding but also in other activities in your life.

Reason 5: Many celebrities are using them

Nowadays, many companies are using celebrities to promote brands. It is because when people see their idol doing something, they may want to do the same thing. For example, if they see their idol riding an electric skateboard, they will definitely buy one too. Celebrities have a huge amount of influence on the audience. The more famous the celebrities, the more fans they have, and the wider the influence scope. Manufacturers have been very smart in applying this sales strategy, and as a result more and more people are using electric skateboards.

Reason 6: You can save money

Electric skateboards are much cheaper than other types of transport such as motorbikes or cars. Although you will have to replace it more often, maybe every few years, its running costs are minimal at around $0.0005 per mile. It is almost free. while other vehicles have a lot of related costs such as gas, registration, maintenance, and insurance. And those costs are adding up fast. You will save a considerable amount of money if you use an electric skateboard.

Reason 7: It is very convenient

When riding an electric skateboard, you will not face traffic jams. Of course, you can hold your board and walk through the congestion. You will feel very lucky in such cases. You also don't need to find a parking space when going out to eat with friends or grab some food from a convenience store.

Reason 8: Electric skateboarding is cool

A lot of people want to spice up their office image by wearing nice clothes or riding in a fancy car, but nothing says “Ima bauss” like when you go to work on an e-board.

Traveling on an electric skateboard can mess your hair up, but it's a purposeful mess, right? Sometimes this hair makes you look more manly, you won't need a hair stylist. You'll probably have to eat some bugs on your way to work, too. But in return, you can save money, protect the environment, keep fit, and make yourself smarter.

And those are the reasons why this device is becoming more and more popular. Owning an e-board is a great experience, you should try it at least once in your life. If you want to know more information about electric skateboards, I recommend a blogger with a lot of followers today, Dario Yore. As an insider, he has a lot of informative articles, you can read them on his site.